Thank you

Blog Post created by Maki on Feb 7, 2020

I had no idea what to write about today . Here I am almost nine years quit . Nine years and stumped on what to say about smoking. Trust me that's a first lol . Then I thought of all the people through the years that played major and minor roles in my quit . Many not even aware they did . 


After my old site closed down I came here and again in just a short couple months my quit seems to be inspired by others . I was welcomed here, encouraged here , accepted here .... flaws and all . ( can't you tell by the editing , just one of my flaws lol ) . Thats ok , it's who I am .


I've read your stories , shared in your games , laughed , shouted stats , but most of all , I've felt the love . 

If only you all knew how much your kindness , acceptance and love has mean't to me this week . If only you knew how much it helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life ever this last two weeks  !  If only . 


What I am not surprised by however is that I never thought about smoking once .

Had this been even a year ago or two I'm sure it would have been a reason to light up .  I just would have . 

I HAVE  learned by mistakes . 

Today , I'm very comfortable and at ease to say that the thought of smoking entirely goes away . There is no reason to smoke . 


Thank you new friends of Ex .

I'm glad to be here . Thank you for having me .