Day 30 - Feeling Great!

Blog Post created by MDR_BDel on Aug 26, 2019

Almost a month now and feeling great.  It's surprising how little I think about cigarettes and I am only 30 days in. I do get the occasional crave, but it is much easier to look the other way now.  To all the new quitters.  Get through the first 10 days (which are not fun) and then it gets so much better from there.  I sound like a broken record, but still I am shocked on how I feel 30-days in.  


It's also been great that I am able to be more active with my little kids and I don't have to "take a smoke break" every 45-60 minutes and tell them they need to stay inside. They are too small to really notice, but I am sure they are happier now too.   


Hope everyone has a great week!  Thanks for all the support through this first month.