Comments My Husband and Friends have Said

Blog Post created by Lisajane46 on Jan 23, 2018

So I am heading into day 90, and some really interesting comments from my husband and friends and even work friends.  I have been thinking about these a lot over the last few days and thought I would share them with you.  I would also love to hear or any comments that have been made to you as well.


Husband - I am so glad you gave up smoking, it means that you love me and want to live longer and be with me!!

WOW - I never thought of it like that before, that my husband thought I smoked because I didn't want to get old with him, that was a real eye opener.


Friend - I love that you do not have to leave all the time when we are out to go have a smoke and that you want to spend time with us!!

ANOTHER WOW moment - did my friends think that I cared more about smokes than them... I hate that


Work Friend - You look great and healthy, have you still stopped smoking?  Yes I say, but I commented that I had put on weight and that I did not like that part of it.  Her comment - you look healthy, you needed to put on the weight!  


THIRD WOW MOMENT - did I look sick, did I look underweight, and now for people to comment on it, it has been really eye opening and I went and looked at some old photos of me.  Yes I was underweight, but as women we all strive to be skinny, so I now have to accept that this is me and that HEALTHY and Fit is better than skinny and dead!




I live longer and I look and feel healthier and I have more money in my pocket to spend on my children and family on cool things.  A bit of a no brainer really:)


What are the comments you have had from family and friends?????