Day 1- A million dollars

Blog Post created by LexyLuna on Sep 4, 2017

I planned to quit today but I actually put out my last cigarette before midnight so my official quit date is 9/3/17. And honestly I don't miss it! I get whisper cravings but nothing forceful. It's more just my body recognizing that something's different and wanting me to do the thing that I'm used to doing. But I won't give in.


I did some research after I finished "The Easy Way" and some of the data he quoted is outdated. He said the average smoker spends in a lifetime is 50,000 pounds (not sure what that is in dollars), but I looked up today's average and it's A MILLION DOLLARS!! Every time I see a cigarette, all I'm gonna see that million dollars I could prevent myself from spending. What if I never stopped again? I've already done the hardest part by deciding it's time. It will only get better from here. 


Only a day in and I already feel better. No stomach ache, no headache, no acid reflux. I'm not as tired and I can already breathe easier. I'm a little light headed, but maybe my brain isn't used to all this oxygen. I think Allen's words finally made an impact. Since I had the audio book this time, I listened to it while I smoked the last couple days and it helped reiterate how much I wasn't actually enjoying it and how it literally did nothing to improve my life. 


I'm so happy this site is available and everyone is so welcoming. Thank you everyone!