Powdered Through

Blog Post created by LeftysLady on Sep 11, 2020

The more I sat writing my previous blog post the more energy crept back into my body. The more my mind slowly began to pass wake up signals to the rest of my body.  Yes, the thoughts of smoking were present but not strong enough that smiley the stress ball couldn't handle them.  I managed to pay bills correctly and print something for my husband(3 tries equal one complete copy). Played a half a game of rummy 500 with my daughter.

Realized that unless I truly watch my tone of voice everyone knows that they irritate me.  My favorite sound is silence.  My youngest daughter inherited a running mouth, passed down from grandmother, to mother, to her and her older sister.  I try hard not to cut her off, but I can only handle the same stories so many times.  Then my loving husband has to tell me the  same thing 8 different ways, to make sure that I understand what he needs me to do, after having figured out that it is something that I am not interested in knowing at that time any way.  Yet if I try to explain myself I can't get a coherent thought from my brain, across my tongue, and out my mouth.

Day 2 is twoly in the books.  I hope sleep will come and day three will have its charm. 

Thank You, Abba Father for making another great day possible, please forgive my rant as I put my character flaws in display.  All the people that I love are wonderful gifts from You to make my life complete, I am the one who is changing,and I am the one I must have patience with.  

May God bless all who read this with the peace that passes through all worry, stress, and strife.  That your cravings be wisp of thought vaporized by the Light of the Son.

LeftysLady, Pam