you may just surprise yourself

Blog Post created by Leesespieces on Jan 25, 2021

I have been cigarette free now for 3days 23 hours and 52 minutes. (Whos counting right??LOL )  I went "cold Turkey", as an alternate nicotine method was not a possibility for me. In the past I have only quit using some type of weening method and I have to say going cold turkey has worked a lot better for me than I had expected. If you are having doubts about it, just give it a shot...you may surprise yourself... I sure did!! I wasn't even going to attempt it because I was sure that there was No WAY it could be done!! Almost 4 days strong  I know that the journey has only begun, but I do feel much better already. I am hoping for positive outcomes here! My family, my lungs and my pocket book all need this to work this time!! Best of luck to you all!