Freedom’s just another word for...

Blog Post created by Laurarutledge on Jan 7, 2018

Day 4 started out without the chipper feeling of the past three days, but by the end of the day I remember the most important part of these smoke free days - that’s the freedom I’ve gained. No longer a slave to those terrible cancer sticks! Not that everything has been a breeze, but the benefit I know what I’m gaining after a lifetime of addition is almost too delightful to be able to put into words. 


I know I’d be lost without the encouragement of my new friends and comrades I’ve gained from this fantastic group of individuals. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And to anyone in need of a boost, just look for me, and I’ll be the loudest cheerleader in the crowd. I want to be as big of a help to others, as I’ve had given to me. And I plan to stay close, because I have no intention of doing anything but succeeding in my ongoing quest to be free - one WON day at a time!