New quit date.  Monday, June 18th

Blog Post created by Lauralives on Jun 16, 2018

Friends, how do you not feel like a complete loser?  Okay, I am a winner!!  I reset my quit date for Monday and am going to read a lot and get prepared.  I have the weekend mostly alone and am still going to do good things for myself.  When I had that first cigarette, I was totally convinced that it would only be a few.  Even though I have smoked less than a pack, I am back to it.  Craving, coughing, sweating, shaky, my injuries hurt more.  YIKES!!  Okay, I've got this!  I see it now and really understand NOPE now!!  I will hold my original quit date with the 491 days in my heart as I move forward, knowing I can do it again.

Thanks for all your support.  I'm sorry I committed to not smoking and I have today.  I've reset and am ready to start anew and not beat myself up.