Day 101 - the perfect gift for Christmas

Blog Post created by Lasttimeagain on Dec 24, 2018

I'm so satisfied today. There is nothing more that I could want for Christmas than this. I'm calmer and healthier than I've been in ages  My wife says in 'brighter' these days. My goal now is to get to 2 51 days. I had gotten to 250 days last time I quit and then threw it away. This time I'm going to get to 251 and then a year and then a whole calendar year without smoking. That is my main 2019 resolution. Coming to this website and reading about the experiences of others has really helped. This is the biggest difference between this quit and past failed quits. Thanks to the ex community and the elders! You've definitely helped to keep it real. Honestly, I'm not especially proud of myself for quitting our getting to 100 days again. I'm just happy and satisfied. I'll be proud of the things I accomplish now that I can focus on things that are aligned with my values and dreams rather than being distracted by my inner junkie. Not smoking is such a logical thing to do. So I'm not going to be proud of myself for choosing healthy breathing. However, I will be proud of myself when I work to accomplish running a 10k or 20k marathon. That's something to be proud of. I'll also be proud of the time I can spend with my children doing their homework or helping them to develop their talents. That's something I'll be proud of. Not being ashamed of myself and not being foolish is what I've gained. It's a return to the baseline that nonsmokers have enjoyed all along. Not something to be proud of, but certainly something to desire. So I'm proud of the fact that I'm spending more quality time with my kids  my wife, and myself as well. And I'm developing myself now in alignment with my values and dreams. That is what I'm proud of this Christmas.