Thursday..waiting for the thaw

Blog Post created by LarryG on Dec 17, 2020

A window on a very cold day.

It will be cold again today, a bit of snow here, most of the snow is south of us and along the coast.  My wife hasand appointment at 8am, so we'll be okay the snow will just be starting.


Is it possible to cultivate more moments of flow in our lives? What are the conditions that maximize the possibility for such wondrous states to arise? While the cultivation of positive habits can help us transform as people, routine can also be a killer of spirit. We crave novelty and stimulation because they also play an important role in personal growth; at the same time, our cravings may have been part of what got us in trouble with substances.

Throughout our day, we can play a Sherlock Holmes-like role, noticing when we are more in flow and when whatever we are doing generates boredom or restlessness. Flow is not a state we can maintain throughout the course of our everyday life; rather, it is an opening into what is possible, an ephemeral state to be experienced and released, meant to be lost and found again. Such peak performance memories tend to be characterized by their effortlessness. Many times, dynamic relaxed attention—dropping effort and struggle—creates the portal into flow, and such centered, calm presence is what achieves full benefit and best results.

Our inner magician offers us many tools for creating a good life, from setting intentions and changing habits, to understanding commitment and confidence, to using insight and intuition to guide us to higher states of being.

I honor the gifts of flow whenever they arise.

From:  Cornerstones, Daily Meditations for the Journey into Manhood and Recovery