Wednesday wonder

Blog Post created by LarryG on Nov 18, 2020

Portland Harbor Light, known as Bug Light.  It's in South Portland in a waterfront park.  There's a memorial there that celebrates the men and women that worked in the shipyard during WW2.  My dad started work there teaching people enough math so they could make accurate measurements, later he was a welder.  At one point they were launching one "Liberty Ship" a day.

Cold and quiet here right now, my wife has an early appointment this morning and I'll go to coffee soon.  I hope each and every one of you have a Wednesday of wonder.


We can allow other people their own journeys.

Accepting that each of us has a specific “mission,” a unique journey on this earth, frees us to focus on our own lives. It’s not always easy, however. We may be drawn to others’ pain. We may worry about the unnecessary conflicts in their lives. We may feel the impact of their irresponsibility far too often. But we must remember, again and again, that whatever they do is not for us to judge. Our mission is not to change them or their journey. We can change only our focus.

Letting go of others gives us time that we may not know how to utilize initially. We have grown accustomed to worrying about others, and it has controlled our behavior and thoughts. And at first, being free of anxiety leaves us feeling empty. How lucky for us that we have the Second and Third Steps to guide us through this period of adjustment. It’s quite a change to focus on our journey only.


From the book:  A Life Of My Own....