Fearless on Friday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Nov 6, 2020

Feeding.  Moose Cove, Nicatous Lake.  Amber Ewing caught the action on film.


Busy day for me today, no smoking Friday for me, please join me with your quits - power in numbers!


There is nothing permanent except change.


Most of us don’t like change very much. Getting sober is like stepping into a rushing river of change that will take us to new places in our lives. We sense that. We are learning to trust it more each day. But even though life keeps getting better for us, we still keep some of that fear inside us about what will happen if we keep working our recovery program and life keeps changing for us.

Maybe we get a good job, and we are afraid we will louse it up. Maybe we make new friends, and we are afraid they will find out what a jerk we really are. Maybe our kids are speaking to us again and want to have a better relationship, and we are afraid of the responsibility.

You know what? It’ll be okay. It’s okay to have good things happen. It’s okay to trust ourselves to handle responsibility. Nobody knows how to do life perfectly—that’s why we need our Higher Power to guide us.

From the book:  God Grant Me.....