Tuesday is for thanking

Blog Post created by LarryG on Nov 3, 2020

One of my favorite places, the bog in Medford, Maine (my old home and adopted home town) I took the photo in 2018


It's going to be a quiet day here, little bit of snow on the grass this morning - that's a sign of things to come.  Vote if you haven't, or if you want to.

Addiction is called the “lonely disease”; almost without exception, people with substance use disorders are literally tortured by loneliness. Even before the end of our using or drinking—before people began to shun us and we were “eighty-sixed” from bars, restaurants, or people’s homes—nearly all of us felt that we didn’t quite belong. We were either shy and dared not draw near others, or we were noisy good fellows craving attention and approval but rarely getting it. There was always that mysterious barrier we could neither surmount nor understand. Finally, even Bacchus betrayed us; we were struck down and left in terrified isolation. Have I begun to achieve an inner calm?

From the book: A Day At A Time....