Be fearless on Friday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Aug 6, 2020

Storm clouds and lily pads.  A photo from Umcolcus Sporting Camps, Oxbow Plantation Maine


Never a dull moment here, my wife was moved to a new room (one I've been in myself) after some cardiac tests yesterday, I'll learn more during my visit later this morning (Friday).


Some days we just feel out of sorts and down on ourselves. In this program, we place great importance on self-inventories. We confront our defects and our wrongs, and we make lists of them to hold ourselves responsible. Any good inventory counts both assets and liabilities. On a day when we feel burdened with guilt or weakness, we ought to remind ourselves of the best of who we are. Remember good deeds that we have done. Remember what we do well, and don’t minimize those assets. If we are going to build on our strengths, we have to see them for what they are.

Our attitude toward ourselves and toward life is partly a matter of mental discipline. It does no good for anyone if we sit passively in our negativity. We can learn to affirm that we are children of creation, and we have a right to be here. In spite of our imperfections, we are a force for good.

From: Stepping Stones.....


“Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get”
 W. P. Kinsella