Truth on Thursday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Apr 23, 2020

A postcard from about 1905.  I am told this was my Grandparents wedding trip!


Well, I will not be getting an earlier time for dialysis, those are the most desired time, and the "old timers" get first choice, as I wrote yesterday "adapt, adapt" and I will.  I got home a little after 9PM which is very late for me who goes to bed at six!


Don't sweat, worry or have a fit,

 just hang around with us for a bit.

 No reason to worry or cry and hate

 please don't take the demons bait.

 Stay with us and don't keep those things lit.

 Gratitude always, is the answer to it.

 Pledge today to stop, don't give up the fight;

 Hang around with us and make things right."


No smoking Thursdays are the best kind!