Saturdays a good day

Blog Post created by LarryG on Feb 1, 2020

John Briggs give us a peek at Pemaquid Point at dawn, terrific view!


Saturdays a good day for a host of reasons, for some it's a day off after the work week and a chance to relax.  For others it's an invitation to action, sports or travel, in every season there's some special thing.

Saturday is also a day to enjoy not smoking, for some of us that allows us to enjoy some activities that were becoming difficult to manage because we couldn't breathe!

Let's face it; how much better off are we by not smoking.  The honest answer, for me, is way better off and I'm still alive and active to a degree.  My daughter and I on our day out yesterday walked about a mile looking at "stuff" in stores, in warmer weather we could walk in a park outdoors.  So without smoking I'm able to do a lot more with cleaner lungs, and I don't stink either!

Have a wonderful start to the weekend, just say "No, I don't smoke, thank you".