Welcome Wednesday

Blog Post created by LarryG on Jan 29, 2020

A frozen marsh in Pembroke, Maine, it's way down east.  F O Bailey took the photo.

One of my good friends was born and grew up in Pembroke, I grew up in another small town farther south - indeed right on the New Hampshire border.  We had an egg farm with about 400 hens and a few roosters, some pigs and some sheep.

My Pembroke friend and I share at least one addiction - to beverage alcohol; we are both long sober.  If I understood that addiction why didn't I feel I could not quit smoking?  Addiction had me in it's grip - the death sticks smoked one after the other.  As an example I used to walk five to seven miles everyday (health reasons?), I smoked a death stick about three to the mile.  My walking certainly wasn't for health reasons!


When I found a group like this one online (Q) I knew I had support, kind of like I did have support for my other addiction.  I find group support to be a most helpful thing, we're lucky to have each other - really lucky.  That said thank you everyone for your support, thank you for being here and thank you for not smoking.