Old habits

Blog Post created by Lady86 on Mar 27, 2017

Good evening all. So I went to the theatre with my boyfriend and some friends. The old smoking me would've had a couple smokes before going in. That part went well for not really getting an urge at all. It was near the end of the movie I felt myself anticipating having one (like in the past) and I was getting excited with the end of the movie nearing. I walked out and was like mmm something is different.. that's right I beat this and don't want to start all over again with withdrawal and everything else I'm happy/proud to say I did not succumb to this feeling of "normality"of lighting up. On a bright note as well the people I was with would not let it happen. It's just these old familiar feelings at places will keep popping up it's how you handle it that matters, can't avoid it.