Blog Post created by Lady86 on Mar 27, 2017

Afternoon all. So bit of a struggle in my mind today. I like to think I've approached this with a good and positive attitude, I've educated myself and I am really excited to be quit and to relearn and on that note I honestly feel like I have a demon on one shoulder saying ahh c'mon just have a puff  and my angel on the other shoulder  saying we've worked so hard and everyday you're one step closer to being free. Again on that note and I know it's only day 5 but I don't feel completely free, I made it over the 72 hour mark but the urges and cravings and feelings of "normality" with smoking still come and hit me like a brick wall sometimes. I'm sorry to rant and rave I guess I'm just still so new to this and a lot of people in my life smoke, they support me 100% but it doesn't make it any easier. I'm very truly thankful for this community and I know you all understand more than anyone else and I thank you for that ☺