Dear Charms Candy Company,

Blog Post created by KymH on Apr 26, 2018

Dear Charms,

   Blow Pops have also held a special place in my heart. The nostalgia inspiring scent takes me back to my childhood where I am riding bikes with my friends with one cheek stretched out almost to the point of developing stretch marks because it held a delicious Blow Pop. Now as an adult they have become a integral part of my day. You see I recently quit smoking and when the notion hits to walk outside and increase my odds of being diagnosed with cancer, I unwrap a Blow Pop instead. In the spirit of full disclosure I am seeing other lollipops... and candies... and chips... ok ok OK! Basically I eat everything that can't run faster than I can, alright? Here is my dilemma. I would appreciate if there was some way you could manufacture you suckers to minimize the holes in the hard candy shell? You see... as I enjoy my blow pop and uncover those tiny holes, the sugar becomes very sharp. I have long suspected it was giving me tiny cuts on my tongue, lips, etc. But now I have confirmed those suspicions!! Remember that part about me not smoking anymore? Well, because of that I tend to twirl, spin, and basically play with it from the time I unwrap it until I toss the stick away. This combined with that whole "eating everything in sight" deal brought the sugary assault with a deadly weapon to light because one of my other favorite snacks is Salt & Vinegar potato chips. That's right! Those little spuds pointed out each and every cut, stab, and puncture mark all up in my grill!! Also, I'm not very bright, so do I ever stop when it hurts? HAHAA... no. So please help out this poor little soul as journey down the snack wrapper littered trail leading me to become the next star of "My 600lb life". I'm not going to stop eating your product, but you can make it a little less painful for me. Thank you.



The mouth of a person with 19 days nicotine free under this massive belt!!