My Journey Day 11

Blog Post created by Kimmysue8119 on Aug 11, 2019

215am here in Arizona. Working on Day 11 and staying strong. I am a bit sad though.  A neighbor was found dead in his apartment of an apparent overdose. They suspect he'd been dead for about 10 hours or so. Police have been waiting for the Medical Examiner to show for 3 hours now. They and neighbors have been chatting all nite while waiting.  I went out for a few minutes but really didn't want to be in the mix of things. I didn't know him, just about him from others. He was 62. His name was Robert. They couldn't reach any friends or family for him. 

But for the Grace of God, there go I.  I am just over 4 years clean and sober and 11 days smoke free.  I value my life today and am grateful for the chance to live and to live it drug and alcohol free.  I wish this for all struggling with any addiction.  I'm sorry this man didn't find his way out. Rest in Peace Robert.