Tonight's Smoking alternative

Blog Post created by Kdot1st on May 17, 2020

Tonight I was cooking. 1st I have to clean up Tim's mess from breakfast. Then went to get the Instant Pot. Geez, I guess I put it up without washing it. No food in it but spaghetti sauce dried on the sides. Positive thought....I can let it soak while I make the rub. So made the rub, washed the Instant Pot & added the liquid ingredients & set it on saute. I rubbed the ribs then put the ribs in the Instant Pot. Thought I knew the time but decided to double check. I did not. It said 40 minutes. 

So, this would be the time I would normally think....It's too early to open the box of macaroni & cheese or the can of baked beans. I have time to go smoke a cigarette. So I'm sitting there thinking what can I do now? I've already washed all(most) of the dishes. 

Now keep in mind I can barely walk to the kitchen to my rolly stool so I can cook & wash dishes but not much more. And I can only sit upright for 30 minutes before my back starts to ache. By the time I finish cooking a whole meal I'm hurting so bad I have to lie down for 30 minutes before I even feel like eating. 

BUT tonight I'm thinking.... what if I use that 30 minutes to lie down now before I start hurting really bad. So I go horizontal & watch a little tv. Felt better & went to finish dinner. 

So, I avoided mucho pain & was able to enjoy my meal while it was still hot.