Blog Post created by KMC56 on Dec 31, 2017

Another wonderful welcome to a new year...smoke free!!

I wish all new members of ex a successful quit, we`re all here to get you through this addiction!

I do have to share this conversation with my sweet best friend, who also is an ex smoker.  (Both smokers for over 40 years) We were going shopping..and out of the blue..she asked  hey Kath..have you had strong cravings these past few days. were cracking up, how honestly..cravings at sub zero temps...shaking uncontrollably..and that's just trying to get your lighter to work..without ripping the skin off your thumb, then there's smoking as quick as you can while your complaining how COLD it is.. like we`re entitled to warm weather for this addiction!  Ladies and gents, I don't miss it a bit when you stand back..and take a hard look at this addiction, and what we did for nicotine.

I thank  my GOD for giving me faith and strength in myself in quitting, my family and friends, for finding this sight, and my wonderful (some crazy) Ex family/friends.

HAPPY NEW 2018 YEAR, may it bring much love, laughter and happines to you and your family!

~Kathy 616 DOF