Blog Post created by KMC56 on Dec 15, 2017

I am DONE shopping, my kids are adults, I have no grand children, or little family  tikes to buy for...(I already did that for our giving tree..always fun!  

So with 8 care givers where my mom is residing, and they are all made of gold, they are all getting a bottle of Chadony, and Moose Munch, with a `special` gift in there Christmas card.

My wonderful husband probably  would have  if he could made himself disappear if he could while I am haggling at the counter with all these discount cards they have sent I just told 'am out like I'm playing poker and say..what's going took best for me!  I looked at him and said...yep, this is my life...saving a buck!  I have never  heard of Moose Munch, and just about passed out at the price of this chocolate covered POPCORN!

But being the thrifty shopper, and at 60% off,  plus the additional discounts, I bought out the dark chocolate Moose Munch!  I can only imagine what the other shoppers were thinking, but I did see more customers checking out the Moose Munch counter!

Hubbys Christmas gift is a No payment due on the credit cards!

I think it took more time at the register, than shopping.  

I was roasting with my down jacket on, frustrated, being nice..figuring out how to save and use these coupons, and for a brief second, the nico demon with an elf hat flew by!  Where the heck did that come from.  I've had to deal with a lot more serious stuff than that , that would make more sense for a fly by!

So these two elves are home,  kicking back, enjoying a glass of Chardony, Moose Munch ( uh yeah...have try this stuff out),  watching It's a Wonderful Life.

And with all the crazy stuff going on in our world, it is...a wonderful smoke fee life!