Interesting conversation with a non smoker

Blog Post created by KMC56 on May 19, 2017

Had to share this interesting conversation with a non smoker the other week. 

I had mentioned it's has been just a bit over a year since I quit...and was working yet a new budget report.  We all need to take a break, walk away from the task, regroup and return to tackle the task at hand...right? I stated that I walked away from frustration, and organized my plastic storage ware (BTW they're just like socks from the washing mashine...missing a top or bottom...necessary evils!)   It's ALWAYS...some sort of house project to distract me.

He replied back, that's why he's always cleaning house...Surprisingly this individual,  who has never smoked, said he could totally relate to why some folks turn to smoking.

And in the beginning that was really one of our first tools, the tool of a healthier distraction.  (St Vincent de Paul LOVED me)!  It's sooo crazy, because when I did smoke, my thoughts would always be tasks I should be doing.

I'm beginning to think that's how most folks distract themselves from a project.  I'm one of them, not much to sit and take five.

So at this point of my life as a non smoker, I can be thankful for cleaner window tracks, lazy susan, matching plastic ware and an organized spice cubbard!!!

My hubs..ofcourse is pleased that shopping is not the distraction!!!  Mmmmmm???

For those that are struggeling...there a many, many benefits  ( outside of your precious health) of quitting!

Take it one day at a time!


PS...Virginia Beach folks...Enjoy a great time...cyber hugs to you all!