I'm Still Here

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Mar 29, 2017

And even though I have fallen, I still have the need to blog a bit. I have a quit date in mind, but it's not set in stone yet. I chose April 6 because it is my birthday. It would be a new day, a rebirth. I think about quitting constantly, the thoughts whirling around in my brain won't leave me night or day. I can't seem to muster up the courage to just lay the smokes down. With a quit date in mind though, I can continue to work on it and choose to commit that day. I don't want to be a smoker, I really don't. I've been staying here for hours in a day just to keep hearing all the encouragement going around. It's helping.  Soon I'll take my place as a newbie once again, but with the wisdom I have gained in this last year of starts and stops.

Have a great smoke free day everyone.