Fur Baby

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Mar 23, 2017

I did not get the puppy. The lady asked me to give her a text message to set up our meeting and so I did. I waited until 6pm last night for her to respond just for her to tell me she sold the puppy to someone else. That hurt.

Yea, I'm still here. How could I not be. How could I allow one simple hurt to set me back? How could I leave this family I have found and loved. The powers that be won't allow me to walk away. I've got to get this right. "Just do it" our dear Marilyn says and that lasted about 5 hours for me yesterday. Now tell me I'm not in the right place! I know I am. I don't know when I will begin another quit, I've only got me to decide that. I just know in my heart of hearts that I will recognize it when it comes.