Yet another Saturday....

Blog Post created by JustSharon on Mar 4, 2017

and I've been awake since 2 am. Already had my vanilla latte at the café and responded to posts. I thought I'd do a blog as long as I'm still awake. I have mentioned before that I have 2 knee replacements I'm waiting on. My right knee is completely bone on bone and the injection I took last week did nothing. I have since developed severe aching and throbbing in both my legs clean up through my thighs. My doctor is running all sorts of tests to see if disease wise something new is going on or if the pain is from my knees. All I know for sure is that I'm not smoking over it. Smoking never did take pain away though I had thought at one time that chain smoking would. Those kind of thoughts are surely addiction speaking. I'll admit I toyed with the thought of smoking over the last few days, but I knew just where that was coming from. I believe craves all come from the mind and triggers from our surroundings and that both can be controlled easily with the right tools. We make quitting hard on ourselves and it just doesn't have to be. My first 2 weeks was hard because I dwelled in that place of doom and I know now I didn't have to be there. Keep the mind busy and in a safe place. Literally walk away from the triggers even if they are only in you mind. You don't need to smoke and you won't die from withdrawals!

    I have an appt. today for a long overdue haircut. I always feel like a new person walking out of that salon. This will be my first trip since I quit smoking. Thank God I can disconnect from the wound vac to have my hair done and Jake will be with me to help me walk from the chair to the shampooer and back. Should be interesting. Well, time to close this up and maybe do a bit more reading. Have a beautiful smoke free Saturday!