130 Days Smoke Free

Blog Post created by Jono28 on Jul 28, 2020

When I first contemplated freedom from nicotine and a smoking lifestyle I understood from many that I needed to set a 130 days quit goal in order to establish myself on the road to becoming an Ex-smoker.


To say I've quit "kicking and screaming," is an understatement. I have posted over and over again about my misery. Through it all though, I have maintained that I didn't quit to "feel better," but to "BE better."


How hard or how easy the change has been is irrelevant. Although I would obviously prefer an easy path, from the moment I quit, smoking was no longer an option regardless of how I felt. I could whine, moan, cry, or scream. I could complain and basically hate life. What I couldn't matter what...was smoke.


Today, I'm happy to report that it is getting easier. A lot easier. Take it from me, any difficulty is caused by our past smoking...not our current choice to quit.


Give ourselves the gift of time and commit to quitting with the same amount of energy we use to commit to smoking. I went to extraordinary lengths to make sure I could smoke when I needed to and I can say I pushed just as hard to quit.


Thanks to everyone that has supported me so has meant everything.