2000 Smokes,  NOT Smoked

Blog Post created by Jono28 on Jun 11, 2020

As I close in on 3 months quit in about a week, I just wanted to post an update showing that in spite of being so miserable in the first couple of months, I'm still quit and I'm still here. 


It's still not "easy," but it is "easier." For those fresh in their quits frustrated by how much harder it seems for you when compared to others, stick with it. The only advice I can give is allow yourself to feel angry, bitter, depressed - whatever. But commit that even though it sucks, you don't smoke anymore. And take it just one day at a time hoping the next day is better.


I don't know if I'll ever be at a point where I don't miss how I use to feel directly after that first withdrawal eliminating puff. I don't think I'm romanticizing it, I am just honestly admitting to the fact that I was a junkie that loved the feeling of getting my fix.


But that is no where near reason enough to continue to destroy my heart and my lungs and prematurely end my life. The cost VASTLY outweighs whatever any of us "loved" about smoking.


And we stunk on top of it. If your sense of smell hasn't yet returned, let me tell you - smokers stink!


See you for my 3 month post and stay strong!