Allen Carr's "Easyway" to Quit

Blog Post created by Jono28 on Apr 6, 2020

First off, I am amazed that as painful as this has been I refuse to even for a second  allow smoking to be an option for me. Over 16 days and over 400 cigarettes not smoked. 


But I am still in the angry phase of my quit. I am most angry with myself for allowing this addiction to hold me as long as it did, but there's definitely plenty of misdirected anger for those foolish enough to push my buttons right now. 


One such button is when well-intentioned friends or family tell me it'll get better. I of course THINK and HOPE they're right but at the moment I'm so busy just trying to get a decent breath in that there's very little trust in anything but eternal torture being the punishment I face for having smoked. 


One such friend recommended I read Allen Carr's book the "Easyway to Quit Smoking." Carr claims that 95% of those reading it quit without a single pang of withdrawal or discomfort and actually ENJOY quitting. 


Is it wrong to admit that had he not died in 2006 I'd like to find him and punch him in the throat?


According to this guy (who admittedly seems to have helped many quit, although I don't see how.) all you have to do is:

1 Make the decision that you are never going to smoke again.

2 Don't mope about it. Rejoice


Rejoice, really? Sheesh!


Later he expands upon it:

You can now enjoy the rest of your life as a happy non-smoker. In order to make sure that you do, you need to follow these simple instructions:
1 Keep this book safely in a place where you can easily refer to it. Do not lose it, lend it out or give it away.
2 If you ever start to envy another smoker, realize that they will be envious of you. You are not being deprived. They are.
3 Remember you did not enjoy being a smoker. That's why you stopped. You do enjoy being a non- smoker.
4 Remember, there is no such thing as just one cigarette.
5 Never doubt your decision never to smoke again. You know it's the correct decision,

Although I agree with all of the above - except #3 but that's just the anger talking - none of it makes quitting "easy," or "enjoyable." Seriously, enjoyable?? 


For me, this smoking cessation giru's entire "method" boils down to "Quit smoking and be happy about it," and by doing so you'll have quit smoking and been happy about it.


I quit and am committed to not smoking ever. It is not an option. I re-affirm that daily, and often hourly or by the minute as anxiety and withdrawal hammer at me.


It'll be worth it, I have no doubt. 


But I can't believe I read 111 pages of that idiot dishing out what I already knew, and which in no way impacts my misery at the moment. Seriously, over 100 pages of buildup only to have the method be, quit and be happy about it. And that will guarantee you have no withdrawal pain, nor ever feel the pull of a cigarette again. And to add insult to injury, remember,  he claims you'll actually enjoy the quit!


You know what would be I would enjoy? Punching him in the throat. But again, he died 14 years ago.


My apologies to any that were in fact helped by his book. I don't see how, but I'm envious and am happy for you.


Well, not really at the moment, but remember, I'm still in my angry stage. :-)