What Are We Supposed To Believe?

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on Sep 7, 2020

Cholesterol/Sugar/Nicotine Delivery

For years we've heard that olive oil is the healthiest cooking oil. YEARS!

For years diet soda was touted as the solution to high sugar drinks. YEARS!

For years we were warned to not overdo eating eggs. YEARS!

For years we've been told that vaping is a safe alternative to smoking. YEARS!

Personally, I don't cook with a lot of oils and I don't fry foods at home because I find it easier to go out and get 2 pieces of fried chicken than frying it myself and cleaning up the mess. Yes, you can go to chicken restaurants and just order 2 pieces of chicken without the sides.

I generally prefer an oil that doesn't add a flavor to what I'm cooking.

This is why they don't make donuts with olive oil.  

Diet sodas trick the brain into thinking it's getting sugar but as it turns out, they now say they're not any better than drinks with sugar.

The jury is still out on vaping.

To me, vaping is smoking with a battery, the only difference being that due to the advertising hype of "safety," people put zero restraints on themselves and are often ingesting more nicotine as a result which only keeps them more attached.