We are the cool people now

Blog Post created by Jimbone on Nov 16, 2018

On tonight's evening local news.... a reporter being interviewed by another about gess what?Quitting smoking. He was touting achieving 90 days free. He mentioned advising quitters seek a support group to include family and other non smokers or other quitters (like what we do here on this site). The report showed the NRTs on a table (gum, Lozenges & patch) and the reporter recommended Dr prescript for not over counter meds. A Chantix user, He looked happy, admitted "hardest thing he'd ever done" and that he can now taste and smell among other benefits etc. To see this report made me smile. Quitters are going to be the new cool people. I feel pretty cool with my 65 DOF, now complete Cold Turkey in time for Thanksgiving. Matter of fact, it feels rather nice indeed. A great weekend to you all.