Darn accountability

Blog Post created by Jimbone on Sep 19, 2018

I often wonder with every piece of chocolate candy I eat like I'm doing now as part of my 1 week reward, where does it really come from? Whose kids are working long hours for little or nothing to supply the raw material for something that tastes so good and provides so much joy to many so far away, just because. Finally opened up to my family far away of the journey home I began a week ago. Started with Sis Dr.C the internist whose joy over me doing this cannot be hidden under a basket or behind a hill. Next it was my 92 yr old Momz, my best friend, who I informed of the $36/week I'll no longer spend on smokes. She gets a kick out of that kinda stuff. Told her if the smoking can is still out on the balcony where she lives, she can throw it away. She told me it's already gone. Tomorrow is Big.Sis' birthday out in Vegas where she moved to play Big.Momma to her grown struggling millennial kids. Would have been my only human trigger, she was my smoking buddy from way back. Except her doc gave her the ultimatum months ago due to her diabetes to quit or start losing body parts. I know she's still quit, so for her birthday I'll get to inform her that now so am i. Will wonders ever cease. Still can't guarantee I can help anyone as to where cocoa for chocolate really comes from. But I know where I am today, and how I want to be. I'm gonna get and stay there, with all of your help. And that's accountability to me.