Sorely failed

Blog Post created by Jaime1234 on Aug 1, 2019

Today is my listed official quit date yet i have smoke approximately 10 cigs today not bad for someone who is use to smoking two or more packs a day but not exactly what i wanted for my quit date. Im trying give myself credit and remind myself if at first you doont succeed keep trying you will eventually win. I thank everyone of being so supportive but today has been harder than i thought it would life is not been easy at all to deal with lately but im trying take it as it comes and not reach for cig yet i still do. My bf went to his mothers viewing today and i delt with my children whom have been held up mostly in home cause weather has been so crappy i dont know if now im suppose to pick a new quit date or what i am suppose to do from here my head hurts a great deal but smoking less today has showed me it is possible to fight this battle but im feeling a bit defeated due to today meaning so mich to me for it to be my official quit dateand not being successful.