I’m ready

Blog Post created by Jaime1234 on Jul 23, 2019

Thank you everyone for all the great tips and responses to my questions. I have tried so many times to quit smoking.  I am very stressed person who worries about everything and what people think of me. I have four children two grown and two still very young. I was diagnosed with asthma and copd in my late 20s and now I’m six months from 40. I want to extend what life I may have left and make the most of it without being weighed down by such a nagging habit that is literally wiping me out I want to see my last two kids graduate and maybe one day a grandchild and follow my dream of discovering the ocean by snorkeling and scuba diving I just signed up for the Florida quit program also for more assistance I have talked to my doctor and tried chantix I had horrible nightmares due to ptsd and was sleepwalking so I have to try new route please stay with me I need the support I have few friends and some days that feels like none again thank you I’m going try patch the gum sticks to my partial and lozenges  burn my throat but I have set goals so this time I’m really ready 

thank you