Joy Instead of Smoking

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Jul 12, 2018

 As your quit matures things happen and cigarettes no longer cross your mind. 

Some funny things happened to me on the way to the zoo. I will try my best to keep it short.

I am usually up by 6:00 am but this morning I woke up late.  What caused me to sleep late?  Hmmm Hasfit,  Fitbit,  Walking, Squatting, Edging the lawn...all of that.  As I laid in bed getting my thoughts together, I remembered  I had to have the SUV serviced and inspected @ (8:15) am.  It was now 8:24!  I scurry around to get dressed.  Gather some reading material thinking I can wait for coffee, they have the best there.  Got there 25 minutes later.  The receptionist tech did not seem too happy to see me.  You know the look, you are late!  Okay, I am still smiling, apologizing for being late.  Spreading Joy instead of smoking.

I go into the lobby grab that magnificent coffee, hmmm Joy instead of smoking.   Gosh, it is so hot I have to let it cool.  In the meantime, I check emails, messages etc on my phone, flipping channels on the tv etc. Notice my reminder for car service flashing.  There is Joy instead of smoking.   

No breakfast, ugh Corn chips vs Pretzels.  Corn chips win. Whoa, corn chips 10 points on WW app!  Oh well. They taste good.   Joy instead of smoking

After sitting for roughly half an hour the receptionist tech comes and tells me that my vehicle will not pass inspection.  The tire has a gash in the sidewall.  No problem. I have tire insurance.  It can be replaced.  Told the tech to look at my history and she would see the insurance.  Of course, she could not find it.  I suggested that I may have the records in my glove box.  So she escorts me to the area where my vehicle is on a lift.  After lowering the vehicle I climb in from the rear to get to the glove box.  I thought, all those squats paid off.   Nope, not there.   There is Joy instead of smoking.  After all of that, the car care tech says he saw a record on a previous replacement.  Receptionist, says she would call. I decided to get some of my Fitbit steps in while they process the claim.  I walked for 20 minutes, in the parking lot.  I return the receptionist says the insurance company needs me to call.  I call. The insurance company is wondering why I am calling.  The claim was already taken from the receptionist.  Hmmmm. The Joy instead of smoking.  I hand the phone to the tech to finalize details with the insurance company.  The receptionist made it clear through her 3-way conversation that my car would not be released until the insurance claim was paid, takes 24 hrs.  Okay, no problem. BTW 1 tire = $191.00

There is Joy instead of smoking.

They have a shuttle which is out on the road but she can't tell me how long it will be before it returns and she wasn't making any effort to find out.  Okay no problem,  I have a grandson that drives now. He is only ten minutes away.  I contacted my daughter to get permission.  After a delay my grandson finds me. I was proud.   It was so cool being with him.  He is going off to college in a month. This was a special time for me.  He has become a pretty good driver, I'd say.  He drops me off and waves goodbye.  I stop and sit on the porch for a few minutes and realize... I don't have my house key.  Oh, what Joy there is instead of smoking.   Thankful for all those jumping jacks, crunches and squats, it only took two attempts to hoist up to climb through the window to get inside. 

There is Joy instead of smoking.