Blog Post created by Iamkfaz on Dec 13, 2017

Hello Friends,


It is day 10 for me and for the most part I'm doing really well.  I have been controlling my cravings and they are getting easier to handle.  Here comes the part where I need some help.  I am having issues with my husband.  I'm feeling that quitting smoking is causing issues in my marriage, or my issues with my marriage are causing problems with my quit.  This happened the last time I quit smoking.  After 80something days my husband told me I was a happier person when I smoked.  Several days after that I smoked.  All I had to do was say NO, but I didn't. 


Now, my husband is not in the same room with me.  I'm in the house because I can't take the smoking room (garage), he is in the garage smoking and drinking.  I start making dinner, then he tells me he is not hungry because he has eaten a big lunch.  I eat alone.


Something has to change.......How do I know if it is my marriage or my quit?


Karyn DOF 10