Day two

Blog Post created by HappyJoyousFree on Oct 29, 2019

Almost Day Two. I've decided that in an effort to keep things simple I won't go by exact time of day when I had my last cigarette. The meter on my phone will let me know but honestly it doesn't matter to me. Time is creeping along for me and it's better if I don't really concentrate on exact hours and minutes if I don't have to do it. 


I'm at work and thankfully I don't have too much to do. Just busy work - put 3 toner cartridges in a printer, recycle the old ones, organize images on some drives, etc. Little busy jobs - which is a godsend, imho. Laid back, quiet week.


Last night, I bought a box of nic gum just in case. I'm not supposed to chew gum because I have invisalign. But I really want to quit smoking and I'll just have to take them out if I need a piece of gum. I'm supposed to leave the aligners in 22 hours a day and I usually do. I'm towards the end of my treatment and I take them out to eat and drink anyway - so why not take them out so I don't go crazy while I quit smoking? Seems like a fair trade off to me. Some people take them out to drink over the weekends...I don't drink so nic gum is my vice. Yep! I'm such a hard-a## ... watch out! 


I'll continue to read and comment on the posts here.