Day 4...on with the show nothing to see here

Blog Post created by HappyJoyousFree on Jun 12, 2019

No trail of smoke. No lingering smell. No bad aftertaste. Yup here I am on Day 4.


Today started a lot better than yesterday did and I am hoping it stays that way. My boss is gone for the entire day and I can concentrate on a project I want to finish up. I find that if I involve myself with something I forget about smoking. And when I finish it the urge to run outside and light up is diminishing. I'm developing other habits to replace smoking. Beats me what the new habits are ... heck I'm only on Day 4! I'm rolling with it and hanging on tight!


Thanks to all of you for being here, btw. I'll be sure to give back what I'm given when I am able. xxoo