1st Day Done... 2nd Day in the Works

Blog Post created by HappyJoyousFree on Jun 10, 2019

So I made it! I haven't smoked since yesterday. Today is the first day I'll be at work without smoking. This is a good thing because I have to smoke outside and it looks like it's going to rain. I remembered to eat before I took my Chantix (ugh I feel sick when I don't eat first) and I didn't stop at the store for a pack. Hopefully, my work day and ride home will go smooth today.


I told one friend of mine that I'm on Chantix and quit yesterday. She's a smoker too and we both are sick of it. I haven't told my husband because I don't want him to tiptoe around me. I think he realized that I'm not outside on the patio smoking and I've been sleeping a lot - in other words the guy knows I quit smoking. He hasn't brought it up, which is probably a good idea haha


OK off to work with me.