Day 13

Blog Post created by Grammy25 on Apr 13, 2019

Today hasn’t been to bad!

My sister did call this morning and even though I didn’t really want to answer it I did. She acted like last night never happened. I guess that’s what happens when an alcoholic calls drunk!

I did have some urges to smoke today but I found other things to do. I also had that yucky taste in my mouth occasional and just bushed my teeth to get rid of it. Boy I have never gone through a tube of toothpaste so fast.

I did go to the grocery store that I used to buy cigarettes at (have been trying to avoid it) to buy food and I had to fight the urge to ask for a carton of cigarettes (asking is just another habit to work on). Of course I didn’t ask so I didn’t buy any.

I hope that everyone is having a great day  !