My thought on not being able to quit on my quitin date!!

Blog Post created by Grammy25 on Aug 19, 2018

I have been figuring out my triggers this past week but it seems that they are everyday things that I have to do: get up in the morning (I have a three year old cat that I have had for almost a year that decides to wake me up at 3am and instead of getting angry at her when I finally get out of bed I take a few moments and go outside to have a cigarette), taking my depression, inhalers, and anxiety medication, eating, brushing my teeth, doing things that furstrate me, and after talking to family members on the phone (I don’t smoke while I am on the phone with them).

i have been trying to cut back on my smoking but can’t seem to get past 20 cigarettes a day now.

I don’t know how I am going to make it through the first day of quitting!! Any helpful suggestions would be helpful  !!