Back on!  Still Smoke free

Blog Post created by George-Martin on Nov 8, 2019

sorry to all- Ive been out of the site for awhile- been so much going on- I need to stay active


I am still smoke free!  Thank God!!


So my sweet pet rabbit Charcoal died unexpectedly- after spending over $600 at vets- they sent me home with Charcoal and he died that night- I watched him slowly die- it was horrible!!!!  The pic I uploaded is too big- not sure how to make it fit??  It is just a standard pic taken from my iPhone - this stuff really frustrates the hell out of me!!


Also got a cold during the busiest week Ive had playing music- I sing as part of what I do- man this was a challenging week- thank you God for getting me thru-Paid!  I would wake in the morning feeling I had a fever- knowing I had to play for 3 hours that night -scary.


I have had a lot of stress lately and been feeling like I ant to numb my feelings with a cigarette- I have not - I believe I am about 120 days smoke free.  Sometimes I can't tell any difference- so I have to do things that let me know I have made a great decision to have quit and stay quit- like going to work out- I know my singing voice is better.


My head plays tricks on me- it tells me I don't feel any different now that I have stopped and that smoking a cigarette would quill my nerves and sooth my soul-its all a big filthy lie!!


Hope everyone is doing well- sorry for the absence!!