So I believe I am on day 37

Blog Post created by George-Martin on Aug 15, 2019

Overall i feel kind of blah lately- can get frustrated easily- small stuff gets me pretty short tempered.  I have started on coffee again in the morning and I know caffeine can really effect my nerves at times- I do try to add in some herbal tea later in the day.


I know people talk about No mans land?  I remember that being talked about on my last quit.  Don't know If I would be better off not knowing about that - or knowing ??


Just keep trying to push to excercise- my regular gym had to close to remodel for a month-so i am trying to get some pools laps in- get to another referral gym which is farther away


I just a feel kind of blah a bit lately- going to divorce care class every Wed- suggested that I stay away from romantic involvement for awhile- went thru horrific time this past year with Ex wife- who has pill and alcohol problems and ended up cheating  


Haven't been blogging here much lately so I doing that now