Rolling thru Day 6

Blog Post created by George-Martin on Jul 13, 2019

So thru most of what others have referred to as Hell Week- don't think I will argue with that- man it hasn't been so easy- and Glad I had decided to get back into this community this time for my quit-probably the extra support i needed to actually do this and stay committed.


The term "successful quit" is so funny to me- those two terms are usually mutually exclusive- people that quit things are usually not considered successful! - except in this scenario- surrender to win!!  I stop fighting the urges and let whatever emotional garbage that accompanies my craving and urges bring up- just come out- I am tired of stuffing down emotions- with nicotine.  So bring on whatever the craves bring- yeah there is pain-however i don't have to continue to suffer- suffering is in the resistance- I believe.


My acronym is NOPEOA- Not One Puff Ever Of Anything! not Vapes- not Black and Milds- or whatever


Wishing everyone a wonderful smoke free weekend- I plan on staying with my quit- still one day at a timing it!