got about 18 hrs!

Blog Post created by George-Martin on Jul 8, 2019

So i am rounding the 24 hr mark soon- cravings have come at various intensities- and some just come on like a rush or tidal wave -Ive have been saying to these cravings- just bring on whatever feeling comes with it- and let it be what it is- don't try to push it down or away


I feel like I have been holding down emotions from this brutal last year with cigarettes- I just huff em down- like I can't smoke em quick enough-


So I am coming up on 24 hr mark here at 12 midnight-morning and  evening time seems to be a tough time- can be lonely - I have three pets- again after being with someone for 12 years- its tough


Anyway- staying positive about this- and just gonna go for another 24hrs after tonight!