finally got WiFi

Blog Post created by Genesislazarus on Jan 19, 2020

I finally got WiFi at home so please get those letters and notes coming. What helps me the most is to get connected to people and have conversations about our struggles and success.

I have over 100 DOFreedom but still struggle to keep myself busy. I think it has more to do with my other problems. Anxiety, depression being the biggest.

Going through a lot of tough life right now. I've heard these days are like being in no man's land and that triggers are trying to do their worst. It seems that way to me because for a long time I had smooth sailing. Now I'm going through counseling with a teenager who blames me for every hardship after the divorce and every poor decision that his older brother has made. Dealing with the abuse my ex-husband dished out also brought up all the abuse my parents put on me has been crippling. I'm getting MUCH better but feeling it all makes me want to reach for a cigarette to dull the pain and get that feel good from the drugs in it.

My 21-year-old moved back home after having run away to Chicago and Atlanta. It has been a joy for everyone. He has matured some and is ready to live by some house rules. He is contributing to chores and $$$. He's already taken a job that will support him until he finds a better paying one. I'm so proud!


If you are someone who likes to chat to keep your mind off things, please send me a note.

Have a great DOFreedom!!!