Jett’s Time Finally!

Blog Post created by Gdgodowns on Oct 18, 2020

It’s never too late to quit. I quit for one year listening to “The Easy Way To Quit Smoking”, by Allen Carr. I was blessed at the time. Did not have any withdrawals what so ever. It was a miracle!!! Didn’t miss them at all! Then one day my husband asked a friend for a cigarette. I got mad because he has had open heart surgery. To get him back I smoked one too. I was addicted again! Nicotine was in control.

I am 61 and want to run again like I did 20 years ago.

I am also allergic to nicotine so when I smoke I can’t breath out my nose. It completely stops up. I also have seasonal asthma with cigarettes 

I hope to make friends here. The only friend I have smokes and I must stay away from her. My husband works all day and I’m home all day. I plan to go back to nursing in January 

because I want and need to work. I’m tired of being bored. 
Thank you for all your help,

Georgette Godowns

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