Quitting Was Easy for me.

Blog Post created by Gai.C on Dec 10, 2019

When I was experiencing Shortness of breath.  I decided it was time to Quit.  So made an appointment with my Physician.  He checked me out and said your lungs are fine. But today is the day.  He told me to but patches Equate brand from Walmart.  28 days on each Mg. So I purchased the patch.  Saturday night 21st of May 2017 I prayed and told God I was weak I tried this before it didn't work.  I ask God to take All Desire away.  I said I will do my part I will wear the patch. So Sunday morning 22nd. Of May 2017 I woke up put the patch on. Put a pot of coffee on.  Signed on to the Q which my Daughter signed me up for.  And made so many Friends Very Helpful, Knowledgeable, Loving, Caring Quister"s willing to Help. I'm so Glad we are here together with New Friends here on Ex. Strength in numbers.